Data Visualization, Generative Art, and Physical Representations

Live Director at Online Concerts

JavaScript, Digital Asset Managment, Project Managment, Artist Support
Helped produce a series of online concerts in 2020 featuring musical artists and visual performers.

Online concerts were held in a custom-developed online venue with artist streaming their sets to the venue and often playing live. 

The interactive site had both a chat and interactive sticker placement and cursor movement that could be seen by all users.

Known as SPF420 x


My current area of interests is developing well designed data visualizations that are unique, informative, useful and engaging. Additionally I’m focused on combining data visualization and generative art practices to create generative art/visualizations, and then useing various production methods to make physical representations of the generated works.

PhD Physics - Education Research
    University of Maine, 2019
Creative Coding Immersive
    Gray Area, Fall 2016
Data Science Bootcamp
    The Data Incubator, 2015